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Ugaris is a classic massively multiplayer online role playing game (in short, MMORPG). Visit to play the game! 

What is Ugaris?Edit


Map of Astonia.

Ugaris is a remade and evolved version of the Astonia 3 engine by Intent Software. A game, which includes the options of becoming a warrior and mage or perhaps training to become a powerful Seyan’Du to excel in both magic and fighting. Ugaris provides a unique set of skills and attributes enabling for a great variety of gameplay. The clan and club systems are integrated elements of both gameplay and the community. Alliances are formed and wars will rage. In this diverse world of factions, classes and professions each must choose thy own path.

History of UgarisEdit

Ugaris takes you to the land of Astonia. A continent once thriving under the rule of the emperor Seyan'Du and the guidance of Ishtar, the last of the cristalim. But, the god has left, and the emperor passed on to the realm of the afterlife. Demons have attacked the capital city of Aston. There is now an open war between the demon hordes of unknown origin and the severly weakened empire's military.

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